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Waxy Corn Program

2009-2010  DELIVERY

1.  Waxy Corn Premium: 50 cents over delivery elevators bid.
2.   Requires planting Pioneer or Beck's  Waxy Seed Corn Varieties only.

3.   Signed certification of seed purchased and location of field required before payment.
4.   Delivery period to be set when the contract is written.
5.   All company pricing options available for grain in waxy corn contract agreements.
6.   Producer must take steps to insure that the waxy is 95%  pure or higher.
        a.   By not planting in a field where volunteer corn may contaminate the waxy corn.
        b.   By making sure the planter is clean before planting.
        c.   By isolating the field from other corn or harvesting a 60 foot buffer strip.
        d.   By making sure all harvesting equipment is clean and flushed.
7.    Contracts have a delivered bushel tolerance of (+ or -) 5%
8.    Because Grand Prairie will have to be able to ship the Waxy Corn on a buyers call basis 
        no storage will be allowed. If the Waxy corn is not sold at the time of delivery it must go
       into a  priced later Contract.
9.   All fields will be subject to inspection by GPCI or Tate & Lyle representatives.
10.  Storage bins will be subject to inspection & sampling by GPCI or Tate & Lyle representatives. 



 Production History Information to be provided by Grower

1) Planting Date


AFTER HARVEST ONLY : Galesville IL., Sadorus IL., Tolono IL., & Sidney Il.


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